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Cruorem: Final Cut

Tuesday, 3 March 2009


It’s been 2 months since it happened. A single night, which can alter your destiny, your determination and your desire, I never believed until now. Weeks of sleepless nights, I’m always looking over my shoulder. The feeling of being watched is something I can’t shake off, some people might call it paranoia but I think it must be something different.Something. Something else?.

Rough Cut Feedback

  • Music fitted the scenes and worked well
  • Diegetic sound worked in places e.g. crows in the background and the wind in places
  • Titles worked both against te graveyard and in black and white
  • Liked it when cameras slowed down
  • The effects used on the clip to make it look dark - thought it was effective
  • Looked like an actual opening sequence
  • The ending looked a bit rough because it just stopped
  • Some diegetic sound didn't work
  • I doesn't necessarily show a supernatural sound
To make the sequence seem more supernatural we are now going to add a voice over to explain more what's going on and reveal the storyline a bit further. It will also highlight the supernatural side to the clip.
Also, we are going to look at the diegetic sound in the clip to make sure it fits with the music too, maybe turn down the levels of it.

Rough Cut